Saturday afternoon session of General Conference

NOTE: This post is just a quick cap of what this session was about. My short simple notes. Hopefully after the talks are published I will do a more extensive blog about what I truly learn from studying each. For now this is mostly about how I “feel” during the talks.
So, I was very excited to watch this session too! It is the 187th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. President Henry B. Eyring conducted this session.

I had the privilege of raising my hand in the affirmative to sustain Thomas S. Monson as the President of this church, and also to sustain the other 14 apostles. I do believe and sustain them to be true apostles just as in the days that Jesus walked the earth!!

There was a new Relief Society presidency put in place and the 1st & 2nd counselors in the primary presidency were changed. There were also changes in the general authorities.

I absolutely loved the choir that performed this session. I dearly loved the medley of “I am a Child of God and How Will They Know”!!

Elder Robert D Hales talked to us about what a disciple truly is. He spoke of how the characteristics of Christ should be woven into our very being. For us not to have selective obedience but to work at having all of the attributes of the Savior. Begin with faith, then add virtue then add knowledge, then add temperance, patience and then move to charity (the pure love of Christ). So much good info for me. I will be grateful to study this talk for fully than just my note taking..

Up next was the magnificent Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. He always speaks to my heart. He did again today. He took a line from “There Is Sunshine In My Soul” and gave a wonderfully “melodious” talk. He talked about borrowing hope from others while we are unable to find our own. Then he moved quickly into the beauty of “It is by devine design that all voices in God’s choir are not the same” He told us to be weary of “fictitious stereotypes” that cause us to lose our own voice. He stressed to my heart that “I” am important to the whole. That I am not a mistake!! He told me to stay permanently and faithfully in the choir. He said that there is room in God’s choir for everyone that wants to be there. He stated that God says “Come as  you are, but don’t plan on staying as you are”!! I love being reminded that God loves me just as I am, but is more than willing to help me become the person that I truly can be with His help!

The next up was Gary B. Sabin. He started out with a GPS metaphor and talking about recalculating the route when necessary, he talked about being “all in” and about “standing on the inside” He said we need to let go of the world so that we can hang on to eternity. He gave hope to my soul too. That I am not bad, that Christ gave us a way to “recalculate our route” and make adjustments as needed.

Next was Valeri V. Cordon. He talked about language loss and how not to lose the language of the spirit in our homes.

Elder Neil L. Anderson talked next. He talked about overcoming the world. I listened hard, this is something that I know I have to work diligently at. It does not come easily for me. He said that it is possible to overcome the world, this gives me hope!! He said that we need to work at subduing the natural man. I know this as truth. He gave practical instructions on ways to overcome the world. I am looking forward to studying the truths of this talk later also.

Last was M. Russell Ballard, who started off making me laugh out loud!! He said his assignment was to talk and ours was to listen and he hoped to finish before we did. I had trouble taking notes I was so tickled. I am having trouble typing this now because I am laughing again, it was so cute. Then he went on and gave lots of good information about goals and plans. He whittled it down to “Return & Receive” because simpler is better in goals. He suggested many things including prayerfully studying “The Living Christ” document to expand my understanding of my Savior. He closed with “They love us perfectly” which love I truly feel from those here at Gen Conf.

The closing prayer was by Hugo Montoya. He is awesome, he attended our Stake conference a couple of years ago with Elder Bednar.

I hope the rest of your Saturday is exceptional!!





Saturday am General Conference

NOTE: This post is just a quick cap of what this session was about. My short simple notes. Hopefully after the talks are published I will do a more extensive blog about what I truly learn from studying each. For now this is mostly about how I “feel” during the talks.

Wow! So very happy to have watched live the Saturday morning session of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I felt love from my Heavenly Father and my Savior and the leaders of this church. I received lots of good teaching and instruction!

As usual the MoTab Choir was wonderful!

President Uchtdorf conducted the meeting

Pres. Henry B. Eyring gave the first talk. He touched on unity (“be one with us’), he touched on the plan of salvation then he moved to the Elijah prophecy and the gathering of the family of God. I felt his love and concern in his talk!

Elder M Joseph Brough then spoke about “care packages”. He gave us great meme material when he talked about his grandmother getting onto his dad. I love where he stated that repentance is not punishment, it is privilege! I have personal experience with this and genuinely agree with him! I also like his story of how Heavenly Father showed him personally that he cares!

Next came Elder Clayton. I really liked him. I like his mannerisms, his speaking voice. How he showed his emotions. I felt comforted by him. He talked about the plan of salvation or “Father’s glorious plan” as he referred to it. I didn’t write down a lot of what he said, I was too interested in just feeling how I felt during his talk.

Then came Elder Renlund!! He talked about how we can find out about the character of God as we look at how he treats sin versus sinners! This was such a wonderful talk! I love his kind and gentle reminders of how I should act as a follower of Jesus Christ!

Then Elder Soares gave his talk. He mentioned replacing fear with faith. This rung a bell with me as this tends to be one of the lessons I am working on recently. My anxiety disorder tends to bring fear to my mind so very often and I am learning to remember to pray sooner and make a conscious decision to replace that fear with faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Elder Mark Bragg spoke next. He spoke about the “light” I felt comfort and love as he spoke of the different kinds of light.

The final speaker was President Russel M. Nelson. For me his talk was a great education. He referenced John 3:16 for I think the 3rd time this am. He talked about studying about Jesus. He said it: changed him. I know it has changed me too. He reminded me to not disconnect my savior from the events. It is not the “atonement”, it is the “atonement of Jesus Christ”. I need reminders like this sometimes. I don’t want to get caught up in the wrong stuff. I have to remember the importance is in what my Savior did, not just that it was done. No one else could have done these things. Only the Savior. Thank you Pres Nelson for your gentle and loving reminders to me!!

I am so excited to watch the rest of General Conference!!

Hope you have a great afternoon


Different sins

I just read a blog that brought to the front of my mind just how different we each are. We all sin, yet most of the time we sin differently at different times.

The blog was about people that are judgmental being people that deserve forgiveness and love just like the rest of us.

I try to live in such a way as to show love, tolerance and forgiveness to everyone I meet because once upon a time I wasn’t able to forgive and I felt I could never be forgiven.

11 years ago I was a drug addict, a thief and a compulsive gambler, but today I have 10 1/2 years clean, haven’t stolen in that time and havent gambled since 9/09; 4 years ago I started attending church again, I quit smoking cigarettes 10/2/13 and have competely obeyed the WofW since March of 2014. 

I am pretty good about not being judgmental, yet I struggle with not looking at some women with lust. I am very tolerant but I struggle with not getting angry at my grandchildren. I am now able to obey the Word of Wisdom but I struggle with going to sunday school and sacrament regularly.

I am working at being full of kindness and charity. I pray daily for both.

I am full of gratitude! Because, I know that I didn’t make these changes. I know that without the Atonement I would’t be who I am today. I also need to say that the 12 steps are one of the tools God has used to change Patty.

A great thing is that I like who I am and I absolutely love my life today!!

I believe that one of the reasons we come to this earth is to spiritually progress. I am progressing. Maybe not as quickly as I would like some days, but I am progressing. And I neef to allow others to progress. I don’t get to control how and what others do, but I need not hinder them either. I will do my best to be the best me that I can and I will help others if the request my assistance. I will also try not to unrighteously judge others, gossip or in any intentional way turn others away from Christ, all the while remembering my humanity. I work hard at forgiving others and at asking forgiveness when I mess up.

Please, if you don’t like yourself or your life, talk to God and Jesus Christ and then do something about it. Don’t give up, don’t buy into the lie that you are too bad, because you are NOT. There is no where you have gone that the Savior can not reach! Let him lead you to becoming the person He wants you to be!!

Don’t give up on you!!


The story of me 3.11

I know that a few of my hobbies are the same as my mom and maternal grandmother.

My mom taught me how to sew, to crochet and to knit. I know that my maternal grandmother also knit and crocheted and she probably sewed.

My mom started playing video games when I wad 16. She started with an Atari and moved to Nintendo, then a Sega Genesis then to Super Nintendo before she died. She loved playing video games! I to am a gamer. I play RPGs. I mostly play MMORPGs and I play Pathfinder most Friday nights. If my mom was still alive, I’m pretty sure she would be playing them too.

I hope everyone has a great day!!


The story of me 3.4

My very first job was at Western Arkansas Employment Development Agency. That was the office that administered JTPA in our area. JTPA (the Job Training Partnership xAct) was federally subsidized job training. I started there as a JTPA participant in March of 1984, just a couple of weeks before my 17th birthday. 

I learned clerical skills, data entry and word processing skills. A year later when I quit school and had to end my time as a participant, they hired me on as a staff member. I was very blessed to have that job. 

I did not leave WAEDA until 1989 when my son was born premature and could not go to daycare because he had an apnea monitor the first 6 months of his life.

After my daughter was born in June of 1990 and I decided to be a nurse, it was WAEDA and JTPA that paid for my LPN school.

I learned many great things at that first job. I not only learned clerical and computer skills, word processing,  I learned phone skills, motivational skills, interpersonal skills, how to be a supervisor, to praise in public and counsel in private. I even began learnig how to teach others there. I learned so many things that have served me well in every job and my life since that time.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday!!