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When I first got clean I learned that honesty is a spiritual principle that I had to learn to practice.

I’m not just talking about not lying to people, not stealing and giving back extra change a cashier might give me. I also have to be extremely honest with myself about how I am feeling and acting. I lied to myself for so many years that it was a hard lesson to learn, but it is more than worth the work!

If I am not brutally honest with myself there is a chance that I will go back to the denial that I lived in for so many years. As I practice self honesty, I can also continue to grow as I act on the information I find in my step work and receive in personal revelation. This way I can continue growing in recovery and as a child of God.

I have also learned that I have to be honest in my important personal relationships. Though the voice in my head says that I am not good enough, and if I am not exactly what my people want then they will not love me, today I know that is a lie and I know from experience that when I am honest, truly honest with my people about how I feel and how I am doing, that my relationships are much better!!

I spent way too many years being scared of showing my true self to those I love and because of that there were always gaps in those relationships. Today, as I am honest in my relationships, they grow!


Happy Monday

There is a really good article in the February Ensign called “What Can The Book of Mormon Teach Us About Happiness”

It lists and talks about 7 principles of happiness that are found in just 2 Chapters of the Book of Mormon!

  1. Maintaining uplifting associations
  2. Aligning actions with beliefs
  3. Accomplishing hard work
  4. Focusing on the Temple
  5. Sharing what we have
  6. Belonging to a family

It is written by Hank R Smith an Instructor at BYU.

You should go read it yourself, it is worth the time.


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I’m back

Hello there again folks. I have been very busy with life for a lot longer than i realized.

I am a little less busy with the grandkids these days so I am going to try to get back into a  habit of writing here again.

I want to leave you today with a couple of my favorite thoughts:




And I want to give you a little information about a wonderful Plexus Product – Ease


I hope that  you all have a wonderful day




Why Valentines Day Is For Everyone

Why Valentines Day Is For Everyone

Awesome idea


My daughters have declared war on Valentine’s Day. OK, perhaps “war” is a bit too strong – how about we call it a “determined cultural protest”. Why? Because, in a nut shell, they are single and unattached, therefore, they feel that Valentines Day does not apply to them. Furthermore, the whole idea feels like a harsh reminder that they “have no love life” (their words, not mine).


Apparently, Valentines Day can be pretty darn depressing for those who feel lacking in love. I can’t remember ever feeling resentment toward Valentines Day during my “pre-love-life” years. But, I admit it’s been more than a couple of decades, so perhaps my memory just fails me. Needless to say, I would like to submit;

Valentines Day really is for EVERYONE – whether you’re single, married, attached, unattached, or anything in-between.

Here are THREE REASONS why my daughters – and any anyone else feeling a bit “love-lorn” this week – can see this holiday with a fresh…

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You’ll Never Run Out Of Love

You’ll Never Run Out Of Love

Wonderful blog.


It’s Musical Monday, and I have a sweet treat for you! In honor of February – the “Month of Love” – I’ve created a music video of the song “You’ll Never Run Out of Love”, sung by another very talented Mormon Soprano, 16-yr old Anna Richey. ♥ I just couldn’t resist this great message! Enjoy!  – MoSop 

[Please be sure to “like” and “share” it with everyone you love!] 🙂

Anna Richey @theannarichey, a 16 yr old singer & a Mormon Anna Richey @theannarichey, is a 16 yr old singer & a Mormon

P.S. You can download this song, and many more awesome original tunes FOR FREE at LDS.org/youth/music

Go check it out! 🙂


Video Legal Stuff:

I do not own the copyright for this music, and I was not able to find out who wrote the song to give them credit (is it Anna?) – however this mp3 is available for free download in the public domain.

I have personally purchased the right to use…

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Heart, Might, Mind & Strength

D & C 4:2 says   “Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”


I have heard and read this scripture a lot today!!  It is an awesome scripture.

I know that “I” personally do better when I give ALL of myself to my Higher Power. Whether I am trying to determine His will in my life, or whether I am fulfilling my calling a RS instructor, or taking care of my grandchildren, or fulfilling my responsibilities as a sponsor. If I do my BEST to keep Patty out of it and keep all of the focus on “God’s Will” everything just works out better.

It’s all about “God’s Will” for me today. I work diligently every day to stay there.

Here is a really awesome blog by MMM, go check it out.

I hope you have a great day!!!!  (((HUGS)))

This Is The Christ – The Healer Of Our Souls

This Is The Christ – The Healer Of Our Souls

He has healed my soul


Tonight Mr. Mo and I attended the adult session of our Stake Conference [a “Stake” is a collection of congregations – called “Wards” – in an assigned area].  The theme of our meeting was ‘Becoming more like the Savior‘. There were so many beautiful  and inspiring messages! In conclusion a choir sang one of my favorite songs; This Is the Christ. The lyrics of this song are a poem written by the late apostle President James E. Faust (1910-2008), which he shared shortly prior to his death. The music was composed by Michael F. Moody and arranged for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (performing below) by Darwin Wolford.

I will include the full lyrics below. Tonight I was particularly moved by the phrase “Healer of our soul“, what a beautiful and hope-filled promise! Also, the stirring query “How many drops of blood were shed for me?” This poem reminds us that he “ransomed us with love divine.” He loves us more than…

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