Today it has been two weeks since my sister Debbie died.  Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real. Yes, we have buried her. And, yes at some point everyday I realize she is dead and I am sad. But, we haven’t really had a family gathering yet. That is when it will feel the most real for me I think. My family all gathered for a holiday celebration and Debbie won’t be there. I am going to have to work diligently to not let the pain overwhelm the mood of our get together.
There are ways to help myself and my family not completely give in to the sad. We can focus on our children and helping them enjoy the get together; we can tell good memories we have of Deb; but most of all, I believe that if I personally am allowing myself to grieve daily as I think of my sister, it won’t all overwhelm me at a family function. Fortunately, my sisters and I all married men that make us laugh! Our men are wonderful! I’m absolutely positive that they will help us through all of these emotions.


Above is the Go Fund Me account for my sister’s medical and burial expenses. Please, if you are able, help my brother-in-law out with all of these bills.

I need to state again: I know I will have lots of painful moments in the future missing my sister, but I know that I can walk through them and be OK as long as I lean on God, my family and my friends! I believe mourning and all of the “negative” feelings are necessary to understand and appreciate the “good” feelings.

My hope is that all of you see your many blessings today!!


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