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Yesterday a shocking and cowardly terrorist attack was perpetrated against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo leaving at least a dozen dead, and a country in mourning. All who cherish freedom weeps with France. My heart is very heavy, and I pray for all who have been harmed by this senseless crime. There has been an outpouring of support and solidarity throughout Europe and the world. Hashtags #IamCharlie and #JeSuisCharlie are trending to show global support in this time of tragedy.

I join with all of those who are angered by this attack and who are resolved to stand for freedom of the press and freedom of expression. However, I have been very concerned by the “anti-religion” sentiments widely expressed across the internet and through media outlets. Some people have mistakenly chosen to believe that because this particular magazine was critical of religion, and because the terrorists claim to be acting in the name of “religion”, then it follows that religion itself is the enemy…

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