It has been a while since I posted about gratitude. So today that is what you get.  (Oh by the way, my keyboard is going out. I am having to copy and paste every g and h in my typing. Thats why I havent been posting much.)

Gratitude List

Heavenly Father; My Savior Jesus Christ;  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the President of the Church (the Prophet of the Lord); my Stake Presidency; my Bishopric; my RS presidency; my relationship with Heavenly Father & Jesus; NA; my relationship with my husband; my relationships with my children; Blondi; the Four; my grandchildren; LDS ARP; 12 Steps; my Ward; my calling; BACA; Plexus; repentance; humility; patience; forgiveness; modern revelation; personal revelation; surrender; acceptance; meetings; fellowship; Book of Mormon; Old Testament; New Testament; Doctrine & Covenants; Pearl of Great Price; serenity; perseverance; self-discipline; old-timers; new-comers;

this-is-the-day-lord-made-rejoice-glad-psalm-118   47193

47186   soithasbeenJRH

asJesuswalked   JRH quote pray

JRHollandunconditional love   dontgiveupJRH


Can you tell I love memes!!!??




About pattypooh67

Hi, I'm Patty. I'm a mother, grand mother, wife, recovering addict, and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. I love my Savior, my husband, my kids, my grand kids, my Church, NA, the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, and my life.
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