I Do Not Fear God

I can’t say it better so I won’t even try, but it’s a wonderful topic I wanted to share with y’all!!

(((HUGS))) Happy Wednesday!

The Latter-day Life

It is common to hear someone say that they are a God-fearing individual, usually referring to their belief in God. However, if you were to ask me if I was a God-fearing man, I would answer that I am not.

I do not fear God. I trust Him.

Father & Son

God is my Father, my literal Dad. He knows everything about me, and loves me unconditionally. He has a perfect plan for me, and he helps me follow it, while still giving me freedom to make my own decisions. Knowing that I am not nearly perfect, He provided the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son. Such a sacrifice allows me to repent daily, and continue working on becoming more like Him. He provides examples for me through living prophets and apostles, scriptures, teachers, friends, and family. He blesses me when I obey His commandments, and uses me to help and serve others…

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