Happy Easter

I’m too tired to post the meme’s for #BecauseofHim today.

I’m just going to tell all of you happy Easter. I hope all of you have had a day of good food, good friends, family and maybe some candy. I am also going to add my testimony to so very many I have seen and heard today that “Jesus lives!!!  He lived the perfect life, suffered in Gesthemane, died on the cross and rose again on that 3rd day. He lives today. He died for all of us. For all of us collectively and for each of us individually. Jesus loves us. He loves you, and he loves me. I am where I am today; I enjoy the beautifully serene and joyful life that I live today, because he paid the price for me to be able to repent.”

There is no one, no not one, too far down, too low, too pitiful, that Jesus can not and will not forgive, if we but ask!!

I am grateful today that I have been able to take advantage of, and continue to take advantage of the beautiful gift of my Savior’s love!


Remember, be the best you that you can be!


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