Friday’s #BecauseofHim Blog

Because of Him #BecauseofHim Day 5, FRIDAY


That to me is awesome because my Mama died on June 28, 1995 when I was 28 years old. She left a husband of 29 years, 3 daughters, one of them only 13 and 3 grandchildren here on the earth to miss her. And I am so grateful that today I believe that I will get to see her again!!! I believe that families can be together forever!

And here is the #BecauseofHim photo challenge for Friday!! Our world is so very beautiful!



#StartingToday  I will work harder at being able to share my testimony of Jesus Christ and what He has done for me!!


Maybe take a few minutes today to remember the sacrifice that our Savior made for us on that Friday so long ago that changed the world!


(((HUGS)))  Hope that everyone has a very good, Good Friday.

Remember: Be the best you that you can be!!!

About pattypooh67

Hi, I'm Patty. I'm a mother, grand mother, wife, recovering addict, and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. I love my Savior, my husband, my kids, my grand kids, my Church, NA, the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, and my life.
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