Abide with Me

This is a new video that the church put out yesterday.

It helped me remember that during the hustley bustle of my days babysitting, that when my head gets hectic and I’m low on patience, that is the most important time for me to stop, take a breath, and talk to Heavenly Father.

These are the times when, if I do it, Heavenly Father will calm my spirit and help me to more easily practice patience with these beautiful babies.

And yes, He can and will help me practice the other things in my daily lessons (meekness, tolerance, humility, forgiveness, etc). I just use patience as an example because that is the one ALL of my lessons seem to be concentrating on right now.

I have found out that the more I pray, study the scriptures and obey as much as I can, that I have the Holy Ghost with me more often. He gives comfort, promptings I am working on obeying more and He gives me more incite and instruction in my daily actions and my scripture study!! I am learning and understanding so much more lately!!

Remember who you are and act on that!



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