I am Grateful

I am always saying that I utilize gratitude in my daily life. So today I wanted to do another gratitude list.

The relationship I have with God today.
The relationship I have with my husband today.
My Savior.
My kids
My grandkids
My parents
My sisters
My brothers in law
The 12 step program I am a member of
The 12 Steps
My Blondie
The Six
I am a better friend today
I am learning how to love unconditionally
The restored Gospel
The Elders
Elder Personality
My smart phone

Ok I’m gonna just let that be my list for today.
Doing this on a daily basis is what helps me not give in to the voice in my head telling me that things aren’t as good as they are.

I love how much better my head stays when I practice gratitude on a regular basis.

Also, I belief that there is action along with being grateful. Part of my action is sharing with others who want my assistance at learning how to increase gratefulness.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! (((HUGS)))


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