My first time blogging


I’m not really sure how this is going to turn out, but lets try. I would like to start out by saying please go to my “about” page to get my statistics. I am going to attempt to yack about different subjects that interest me on here.

Today I want to hit a little on how I try to live my life:  I try to do what I believe is right even if no one else it; I do my best to think good of people even if no one else does; I trust you until you show me that you cant be trusted; I believe in God even in you don’t; I try to be completely tolerant of other’s beliefs even if they are not tolerant of mine; I do my best not to judge anyone, even if they judge me. I have a code of conduct that Heavenly Father has helped me make and I do my best to follow it. Your beliefs to not threaten my faith so we can talk about anything. I will not try to change your mind about anything.

In here I am just going to state my ideas. If you want to read it, great, if not, that’s ok too.

About pattypooh67

Hi, I'm Patty. I'm a mother, grand mother, wife, recovering addict, and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. I love my Savior, my husband, my kids, my grand kids, my Church, NA, the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, and my life.
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