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I hope that everyone is having a great week!!  (((HUGS)))


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What Plexus has done for me


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Prayers for others

I am going to be part of an event from sundown today to sundown tomorrow. I would like to invite all of you to this event also:

We invite you to join the Mormon Women Stand Facebook event, Global Prayer for Iraqi Christians, to unite in prayer and fasting with the worldwide community of Christians on behalf of our courageous brothers and sisters, and their children, who refuse to deny Jesus Christ, even at the peril of their lives, August 23-24th.

This is a link to the Blog about this wonderful chance for all Christians to unite to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters.

This is from the event page itself:

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ through united prayer to petition God on behalf of those who are suffering at the hands of evil will make a marked difference.

Therefore, on behalf of our Christian brothers’ and sisters’ in Iraq, we are inviting Christians of all denominations to join a global effort of fasting and prayer to petition the Lord for speedy relief and safety from those who desire to execute Christians if they refuse to deny Jesus Christ.


We are encouraging daily prayer on behalf of all suffering in Iraq at this time and will join in a united, interfaith-community fast from sundown, August 23rd to sundown, August 24th.

LDS Charities has authorized 100,000K in relief funds, with plans to provide more, as able. As you can imagine, getting physical relief supplies to refugees is very challenging and our prayers for this effort are greatly needed as well.

Please consider donating to the “General Fund” at LDS Charities – the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

(((HUGS))) I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend!!

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Inspirational Memes

Tonight I think I will just give you some inspirational memes to look at and enjoy!!








(((HUGS)))  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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Treadmill times


The above picture was my stats from my treadmill run on 2/26. I remember that work out, it was all that I could do that day! And I was happy to be able to do it too.


These are the stats from my treadmill work today!! What an amazing difference!! This is because since June 12th I have been walking regularly. That means 3 to 6 days a week depending. And mostly it has been 4 to 5 days a week for at least 40 minutes a day!

It is a wonderful feeling to actually see that my stamina and speed are getting better!

There has not been as much weight loss as I would like, because at the beginning of this journey, I actually gained some weight. But in the last 6 weeks I have lost some weight.

Note about the weight loss: if I would stop drinking soda, the weight would fall off. I know this, but as of today I am not ready to do that.






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I don’t have to be perfect

I just read a great talk by Elder Gerrit W. Gong “Becoming Perfect in Christ” You should go read it too.

I really enjoyed the talk and I loved this quote:

Understanding the Savior’s freely given atoning love can free us from self-imposed, incorrect, and unrealistic expectations of what perfection is. Such understanding allows us to let go of fears that we are imperfect—fears that we make mistakes, fears that we are not good enough, fears that we are a failure compared to others, fears that we are not doing enough to merit His love.

This quote means a lot to me also, because I have always had that little voice that told me “you are not good enough” and “people just don’t like you”

The word perfection, however, is sometimes misunderstood to mean never making a mistake. Perhaps you or someone you know is trying hard to be perfect in this way. Because such perfection always seems out of reach, even our best efforts can leave us anxious, discouraged, or exhausted. We unsuccessfully try to control our circumstances and the people around us. We fret over weaknesses and mistakes. In fact, the harder we try, the further we may feel from the perfection we seek.

Today I know that as long as I do my best, and take advantage of Jesus Atonement, then I don’t have to be “good enough” because Heavenly Father and Jesus love me just as I am. This also helps me be ok with the people that don’t necessarily like me. I use to work very had for everyone to like me, to make me “feel” good enough. Today, not so much!


If you have any of these feelings, please take advantage of Heavenly Father and our Savior’s love!! They love me, you and each of us individually!! Develop your own relationship with them and start enjoying life!

(((HUGS))) I hope all of you have a Terrific Thursday!!!


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I’m Tired of Praying for Iraq

Originally posted on Seth Adam Smith:

Yazidi Child

A Yazidi child.

Since 2003, Americans have been encouraged to pray for Iraq. But after another display of barbarism by the Islamic State militants I realize I’ve grown tired of praying for Iraq.

Now is the time to act.

Do you realize that the Islamic State militants (also known as ISIS) is a terrorist army with an estimated 80,000 fighters? (30,000 in Iraq and 50,000 in Syria). They were once closely affiliated with al-Qaeda but al-Qaeda has recently cut all ties with ISIS because it is too brutal.

‘Brutal’ is hardly the word for it. Savage, barbaric, and animalistic is a little bit more accurate.

Not only is ISIS responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people (many of them religious and ethnic minorities), but they photograph and record these brutal murders and post them on social media.

To put it simply, what is happening in Iraq…

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My Wednesday was good

Monday I accepted the challenge to do 75 miles in 35 day.


If I walked every day I would need to walk 2.15 miles per day. I observe the Sabbath on Sundays, so I’m only going to walk Monday through Saturday. I will have to walk 2.51 miles per day to do this in the allotted 35 days. I plan on getting this done!!

Monday before I accepted the challenge I walked 2.15 miles. Tuesday, before I figured the distance for only 6 days a week, I walked 2.35 miles. Today I walked 2.61 miles!!

I am tickled about being able to walk like this. I walked on the treadmill yesterday. I was walking 3.3 to 3.6 miles per hour. A few months ago when I was on that very same treadmill, I did good to walk 2.8 mph, and when I got up to 3 mph, it was only for a few minutes at a time. I am getting better!!

72 days ago, I downloaded and started using myfitnesspal. In that time, I gained 2 lbs within that week, but as of now have lost 13 lbs. (that includes the 2 I gained)  I also now use MapMyWalk for doing just that. I sure do like to see the distance, time, calories, etc. that MapMyWalk gives me. The only bad thing is, when I walk inside my local fitness center on their track, it doesn’t work. So if I want to walk inside in the air conditioning, I have to count laps and watch my time, or use the treadmill. The problem with the treadmill is that it really makes my legs feel weird for a little while after I finish. Oh poor me, I know. LOL  But I am very excited to be exercising regularly. I started exercising 4 & 5 days a week on June 12th.

Hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday!!


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New chapters

So, my 24 year old daughter started college yesterday. Today is her first day of all day classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester). Needless to say, I have all 3 kids all day today. This is our first day doing this. I know we will survive, but I was and am a little apprehensive. I woke up about 6:15, got up before 7am. I heard both kids talking in their room at about 7:25. We had breakfast about 8:30, snacks at 11am, then cleaning up toys, then down to rest/nap time by about 11:45. Only the month old is actually sleeping.

I know that I can do this. I took care of the two older ones for 11 months 50 hours a week. Adding one more isn’t all that hard. It’s just that right now my daughter is having to use my vehicle, so I’m stuck at home. Plus we can’t even take a walk because we only have a double and single strollers, and I can’t  push two. We could possibly do it if Little Miss would walk, but she normally won’t so it’s not worth the hassle.

I’m going to print Little Miss a couple of coloring pages to give her something to do this afternoon.

My prayer today is that I have all of the patience that I need to give all of us a good day! I don’t want to spend the whole day stressed. It hasn’t been bad so far, so hopefully the rest of the day will go quickly and gently.

Life is full of new chapters. What I have learned is that if I don’t fight them, they come in easy and I learn to do what is necessary for my life to flow smoothly again. I know that this new chapter is what is best for my daughter and her kids right now, so I am praying for all of the courage, patience, physical and mental strength that I need to be a help not a hindrance to all involved.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!  (((HUGS)))




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Is Suicide Selfish?


Very wise words from someone who has been there. I’ve been there too, but I don’t write it as well, so I will share his! (((HUGS)))

Originally posted on Seth Adam Smith:

In 2006, I nearly succeeded in taking my life.

Six months later, I received a letter from a close friend. I half-expected it to be a letter of comfort. It was not. It was cutting. Of the many things which were written, I will only share two sentences: “I can’t believe you tried to take your life. How could you be so selfish?”

Loss of a Loved OneAs I held that letter with a trembling hand, I was immediately reminded of all the letters and notes I had written to my family and friends in the hour before I tried to end my life. In those notes, I tearfully expressed deep regret and remorse for what I was about to do. But the pain had become so unbearable that I believed I was toxic—that my continued existence was actually hurting my family and friends. I sincerely believed that suicide was the only way to end the pain for myself and…

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